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More than 55,000 foreign companies are currently operating in Germany, employing about three million people. This demonstrates Germany’s position as a top location for investors. As the strongest economy in Europe and one of the largest markets worldwide, Germany offers excellent opportunities for investment in all economic areas. Germany’s climate for innovation, the comparatively flexible labor market with its highly qualified work force as well as the advanced infrastructure are only some of the factors contributing to the outstanding success of German enterprises and investors in Germany. Despite the current worldwide economic slump, Germany established its position as a robust international player. 

While these perspectives set the foundation for investment decisions in Germany, a carefully planned investment strategy and well-structured implementing procedures remain the key to success.

The S·K· Business & Investment Guide for Germany gives a useful overview with regard to company formation and business tax as well as employment regulations in Germany. By providing general background information, this booklet will serve as reference guide for your preliminary planning efforts.  Our booklet can be found here for download.

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