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Non-profits - Tax consultancy and auditing

Articles of association, asset management, allocation of resources


Against the backdrop of shrinking public budgets, charitable organisations in Germany are playing an increasing role in promoting vital social, cultural or research purposes, leaving their mark on society as an economic force. The government encourages these activities through generous tax exemptions for charities. However, these tax exemptions are subject to numerous unique regulations.


Fiscal authorities increasingly monitor non-profit organisations with regard to compliance with statutory requirements and the prompt use of funds. Therefore the assistance of a competent consultant is indispensible. Additionally, the pressure regarding expenditure and income is also increasing for charitable businesses. This requires process optimisation. We will be happy to support you in this, regardless of whether you are active in the charitable, religious, scientific or culturale field.

A distinguishing characteristic of non-profit organisations is the fact that they are either provided with a tax-exempt status or allowed generous benefits. The government grants further assistance by making the donations from other tax payers to such organisations deductible. In order to maintain the charitable status, these organisations must always act in compliance with the unique regulations for non-profit organisations. In view of the special rules not-for-profit organisations. Their activities must therefore be monitored at all times.


We have advised non-profit institutions in all tax and business management-related matters for many years. Additionally, we have experienced in carrying out annual audits as well as audits according to Section 53 of the HGrG German law on budgetary procedures.


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How we support you...

Our service at a glance

  • Help with the establishment of non-profit organisations, especially charitable trusts
  • Tax advice regarding the various areas of activity (ideological aspects, pursuit of the charityable aims according to articles, asset management, business activities)
  • Review of drafted articles of association
  • Ongoing advice to non-profit organizations on inheritance law issues of donors and non-profit organizations on gifts, death benefits and estate planning
  • Restructuring of non-profit corporations
  • Review and reporting of allocation of resources in compliance with the organisation’s articles
  • Accounting and payroll administration, as well as preparation of annual accounts
  • Statutory and voluntary audits for non-profit organisations


Our services include support during the establishment of your foundation and the drafting of its articles of association, the audits of the business activity or assistance with the accounting and tax returns of your foundation, regardless of whether you are active in a charitable, religious, technical/scientific or culturale field. Our satisfied clients include among others hospitals and innovative new healthcare facilities such as medical care centres.

  • Reports of allocation of resources
  • Reserve accumulation
  • Drafting of articles
  • Regulations regarding donations
  • Sponsoring
  • Profit calculation for taxable business operations (segment accounting)
  • Preparation of tax Returns


  • Choice of legal form: charitable trusts, non-profit limited liability company (GmbH), unincorporated association
  • Restructuring of non-profit organisations
  • Consulting of start-ups
  • Tax structure and optimisation of charitable status
  • Advice regarding the separation of charitable and taxable activity
  • Executive liability


  • Preparation of financial accounts and payroll administration (e.g. paperless accounting)
  • Preparation of year end annual accounts and annual financial statements
  • Capital accounts
  • Optimisation of accounting procedures
  • Establishment and optimisation of cost accounting and internal reporting procedures
  • Support with the development of accounting guidelines


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