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Tax allowable deductions, special expenses, and benefits in kind

Tax returns and asset planning for families, pensioners and private individuals

Have you fully exploited all your personal tax allowances? Are expenses for your home office tax deductible? What should you pay attention to, when purchasing real estate in order to maximise your tax benefits?

We will resolve these issues for you – individually and reliably. We will deal with your income tax return and also help you to optimise your private assets, for example by transfering property through gifting or a will


Tax advisory

For private individuals, the income tax return offers numerous options for tax optimisation, starting with choosing the most advantageous tax bracket. Whether you have family or are a pensioner, are employed or self-employed, or a landlord – a host of individual rules govern specific tax reliefs.


We cannot assume your tax obligations for you; however, we can relieve you of the frequently tedious task of organising your supporting documents, assess their tax-related aspects and reliably prepare your income tax return.


  • Optimised and creative tax advice
  • Income tax returns (also for individuals with limited tax liability)
  • Advice in the areas of capital gains, inheritance and gift tax
  • Investigation into alternative tax assessment options/ tax codes
  • Assessment review

We will advise you in inheritance cases or regarding the gifting of property to family members, help you with the succession planning for your family-owned business, and also explain to you the optimal tax procedure for your asset transfers. Thorough and timely planning ensures the most advantageous implementation of your personal wishes  possible.


  • Inheritance tax / gift tax as well as advice on private property transfers
  • Comprehensive support for joint heirs
  • Advice and help with succession planning alternatives, lifetime Transfers of assets, and with estate settlement in inheritance cases
  • Advice on optimal tax Arrangements in asset succession
  • Advice on the drawing up of documents for attestation by a notary public (e.g. marriage settlement, will, inheritance contract)
  • Preparation of business evaluations and development of a succession concept
  • Calculation and preparation of inheritance and gift tax returns and review of the respective tax assessments


During the past few years, we have helped many clients with voluntary tax evasion disclosures. In the event of difficulties with the fiscal authorities, we will support you and help you to draw up your voluntary tax evasion disclosure.


Ourteam is at your side! Confidentiality and discretion are a matter of course for us as tax consultants, auditors and lawyers.


Our services at a glance

  • Tax optimisation and creative tax advice
  • Income tax returns (also for individuals with limited tax liability)
  • Advice in the areas of capital gains tax; inheritance tax / gift tax as well as advice on transferring private property
  • Provision of comprehensive support to joint
  • Assistance in preparing a voluntary disclosure of tax evasion
  • Assistance in all income tax and social insurance related matters
  • Tax advice on real estate purchases
  • Preparation of profit assessment
  • Investigation into alternative tax assessment options/ tax brackets for spouses (separate or joint assessment)

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