Solvency, liquidity planning and restructuring planning

Reorganisation and insolvency advice

Once a business runs into financial difficulties, a comprehensive analysis of the company's financial situation is crucial to overcoming this hurdle. The sooner countermeasures are adopted in the event of ongoing losses, defaulting debtors or liquidity problems, the greater the chances of successfully reorganising the business.

We will not only conduct an audit but also develop a restructuring concept to assess the company's ability to continue trading and meet its financial obligations. On the basis of the balance sheets, a profit and loss and a cash flow statement, we will prepare a short-term liquidity plan and an integrated business plan that reflect the planned restructuring measures. If necessary, we will involve recognised restructuring experts.


This restructuring report helps shareholders and Investors assess the risks involved if the business continues to operate. If it is able to continue trading, we will assist you during the implementation of the restructuring concept and the long-term realignment of your company.


Regarding insolvency law, we also aim to restore orderly asset and liability structures for the shareholders and any investors in order to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Business and ist workplaces.

Our Services at a glance

  • Preparation of restructuring reports
  • Short-term Reviews of operational and financial situations
  • Assessment of risk potentially jeopardizing the companies existence
  • Determination of possible alternative courses of action
  • Integrated monthly earnings, liquidity and balance sheet planning
  • Advising of involved parties (general managers, shareholders, creditors)
  • Development of financial liquidation concepts

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