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Social insurance, wage tax, employer's contributions


Constant changes in employment, income tax and social security law result in extensive and continuos administrative efforts, in particular for medium-sized enterprises.

Our specialists will attend to the punctual and professional processing of your wages and salaries on your behalf, and are a competent source of Information in all personnel-related matters.


Our services at a glance

  • Maintenance and administration of the company and employee data, and your wage and salary accounts.
  • Transmission of the notifications required by law (data collection and transmission notification, health insurance contributions, wage tax registrations)
  • Support during social insurance and wage tax audits Applications for the reimbursement of the employer's contributions for employees on sick leave (sick pay), maternity pay supplements
  • Certificates for benefit payments, parental pay grants
  • Certificates of employment in accordance with German Social Security Code Section 312 SGB III
  • Individual reports for pension application procedures
  • Implementation/processing of wage garnishment
  • Assistance with all wage tax- and social insurance - related matters
  • Planning and budgeting of personnel costs including advice on pay structures and remuneration alternatives
  • Assistance with any other questions related to your payroll

In particular, we offer the following services:

Tax consulting

  • personal consultations (arrival and departure meeting) 
  • preparation of income tax returns (in cooperation with our LEA partner offices to ensure the completeness and correctness of the tax returns, if required)
  • Tax advice on international assignments and individual remuneration (e.g. severance payments or stock options)
  • Assessment of (wage) tax implications
  • Advice in connection with and in relation to permanent establishments, international transfer prices and/or VAT


Payroll and Social Security (in Germany)

  • Advice on social security law
  • Assessment of wage tax issues
  • Payroll accounting and electronic processing of all wage tax returns, social security notifications and contribution payments
  • Assistance with the application of certificates required for foreign assignments (including applications for exemption or for tax class 1, A1-certificate, child benefit, etc.)
  • Applications for voluntary insurance or entitlement insurance during an assignment abroad
  • Contribution reimbursement and status-determination procedures


Other services

  • Assistance with (de-)registration (e. g. in order to obtain a tax and/or social security number)
  • Fulfillment of the compulsory obligation and other tax obligations
  • Supervision and assistance during tax audits