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Family-owned businesses, International medium-sized enterprises, Individuals, Non-profit organisations, Real estate, Start-Ups, Freelancer

We specialize in tax consulting for foundations of all kinds.

Charitable or non-profit? The purpose of the foundation is decisive

Would you like to commit yourself to a charitable cause in the long term and invest your assets in a foundation? Or do you want to establish a foundation that secures your assets permanently?

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Family-owned businesses

We advise on all stages of your company's development. As your trusted advisors, we represent your interest and help you build your company in the benefit of future generations.


International companies

As a reliable partner, we advise on your cross-border activities, for instance on international tax matters related to joint ventures or secondments.


Non-profit organisations

We assist you to pursue and comply with your non-profit strategy. Advising and auditing charitable organisations is an important area of our business.


Self-employed and freelancer

We take care of all your tax matters including bookkeeping and profit and loss statements.



You want to concentrate on what you do best, whether you are a manufacturer, craftperson or service provider. We deal with all tax, bookkeeping and accounting matters for you.



Put your private income tax return into our experienced hands. We also provide competent advice on asset transfer with regard to German inheritance tax and endowment.


News and tax update

December 2019

„Träger müssen Steuerermäßigung künftig genauer prüfen“

Gemeinnützigkeit schützt nicht automatisch vor dem vollen Umsatzsteuersatz von 19 Prozent. Viele Träger stelle das Urteil des Bundesfinanzhofs vor erhebliche Herausforderungen, warnt CBP-Geschäftsführerin Janina Bessenich. *Quelle/Fremdlink

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December 2019

Wenn Frauen in die Burschenschaften gehen

Die traditionellen Männervereine im Landkreis müssen - und wollen - sich öffnen. Nicht nur, um Steuerprivilegien zu erhalten. *Quelle/Fremdlink

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December 2019

Großerben zahlen in Deutschland kaum Steuern

2018 erbten 600 Deutsche zusammen 31 Milliarden Euro – und zahlten kaum etwas an den Staat. So verteidigen Wirtschaftsverbände die Praxis. *Quelle/Fremdlink

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December 2019

Alle am 28.11.2019 veröffentlichten Entscheidungen

Ein Überblick der am Donnerstag vom Bundesfinanzhof veröffentlichten sog. V-Entscheidungen. Entscheidungsdatum und Aktenzeichen sind mit den Volltexten auf der Homepage des Bundesfinanzhofs verlinkt. *Quelle/Fremdlink

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Professor Dr. K. Schwantag · Dr. P. Kraushaar (S·K·) is an accounting and auditing firm with the headquarter in Frankfurt am Main. As a provider of accounting, auditing and tax advisory services, we advise our clients in all matters related to taxes, company law and Business management issues, and support companies and other institutions during the finalisation and auditing of their year-end annual financial statements. Our clients primarily include small and medium-sized family-owned businesses, as well as international medium-sized enterprises, private individuals and non-profit organisations. Besides traditional auditing and tax consulting, we offer financial accounting and payroll administration as well as management consulting and advisory services in cases of insolvency and reorganisation.

As a German member of the Leading Edge Alliance (LEA), we are part of a strong, closely linked international network of tax, auditing, bookkeeping, accounting and finance experts from around the world. Therefore we have excellent contacts in all of the important industrialised nations, supplying our clients with outstanding services at an international level.

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