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Company succession for family businesses and medium-sized companies

Are you looking for a successor for your company? Manage the company succession correctly!

Sometimes the children or family members take over the business. But what if there are no successors from the family? Or the children do not want to continue the business? Neither as a shareholder nor in cooperation with an appointed managing director? Are you approving the family business changing hands? Then the company succession comes into focus.

A timely organized company succession is an essential prerequisite for the future of family businesses and medium-sized companies. It requires long-term planning for successful implementation. In doing so, it places high demands on the company and its advisors.


The S·K· tax advisors are specialised in company succession
When the company is sold, income, trade and sales tax are incurred - When the company is handed over within the family, inheritance and gift tax play a major role - but so does income tax.

What does timely planning of the company succession mean?
Shortly before your 67th birthday, 15 years earlier, completely spontaneously? Any point in time "can" be successful - we recommend that you do not take your chances! Forward-looking entrepreneurs constantly keep an eye on the succession of their company - because the search for a successor is difficult. That is why senior manager should find a suitable successor in good time. Companies face challenges in terms of innovation, digitalization, high competitive pressure and sometimes dependence on individual major customers. Old company owners and those interested in succession are also unsure about the application of the new inheritance tax law. And the exit tax and the reform of the real estate transfer tax can also be obstacles to business succession.


Do you want to prepare for the early transition of your business or are you ready to take over a company? The S·K· tax advisors, auditors and lawyers support you in planning and answer your questions that arise during the transfer or acquisition of a company. In doing so, we see ourselves as your partner. Family businesses and medium-sized companies of all sectors and sizes are among our clients. Our work is a matter of trust - discretion and neutrality are a matter of course.


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Our team supports you in the sale or inheritance of your business. We accompany you throughout the entire process of business succession - from a tax, business management and human perspective. If necessary, we are supported by cooperating experts. 


  • Company succession in family businesses
  • Company succession during generation change
  • Consulting in the absence of a company successor
  • Tax structuring for the separation of business and private assets 
  • Consulting for external / internal company succession
  • Company valuation and succession process  
  • Legal preparation of company succession (entrepreneur's will, inheritance contracts, partnership agreements, adaptation of testamentary provisions) 
  • Inheritance and gift tax
  • due diligence
  • Analysis and valuation of the company
  • Contract negotiations with purchasers
  • Settlement: tax, economic and legal advice 
  • Trust settlement
  • Execution of wills
  • Consulting for succession options
  • Succession "roadmap"
  • Determination of company value and selling price


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