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International tax law

Tax consulting for international companies

Comprehensive advice for international companies

Doing business in an international environment is no longer simply a strategic necessity for major companies; it has now also become an everyday occurrence for many small and medium-sized enterprises.  Many of our clients are also successfully represented in other countries with sales offices and production sites.

We help German companies doing business abroad establish contact with qualified consultants and legal advisors. As active members of the worldwide consultancy network LEA Global, we are in contact with the partners whose expert knowledge you can rely on for your auditing and (transaction related) tax advisory needs. We advise foreign companies on setting up businesses and investing in Germany: choice of location and legal form, structuring, financing, transfer pricing - always taking into account the relevant double taxation agreements.


We consider your situation not only from the point of view of German law, but also according to the regulations of the respective country. In this way, tax risks are minimised and double taxation can be avoided.



Our services at a glance

  • Cross-border business matters (outbound)
  • International tax law (international tax affairs and double taxation agreements)
  • Management of international operating sites and joint ventures;
  • Secondment advice and payroll administration
  • Advice for the optimal location and legal structure
  • Management of international inheritance cases
  • Support on international value added tax matters (EU-wide)
  • Transfer pricing

International assignments and foreign secondments require special expertise and hold both, tax and legal, risks for companies and their employees as well as for individuals working abroad.


To ensure that you and/or your employees are well advised, we provide assistance in particular with regard to wage tax, income tax and social security law.

As a member of Leading Edge Alliance, the world's second largest international association with more than 226 companies specialized in accounting, auditing, tax and management consulting services, we offer an international network in more than 110 countries. Due to the knowledge and skills of LEA, your situation and questions can be analyzed and reviewed not only from a German perspective, but also from experts of the sending country. In this way, tax risks are minimized and a double taxation can be avoided.


In particular, we offer the following services:


Tax consulting

  • personal consultations (arrival and departure meeting) 
  • preparation of income tax returns (in cooperation with our LEA partner offices to ensure the completeness and correctness of the tax returns, if required)
  • Tax advice on international assignments and individual remuneration (e.g. severance payments or stock options)
  • Assessment of (wage) tax implications
  • Advice in connection with and in relation to permanent establishments, international transfer prices and/or VAT


Payroll and Social Security (in Germany)

  • Advice on social security law
  • Assessment of wage tax issues
  • Payroll accounting and electronic processing of all wage tax returns, social security notifications and contribution payments
  • Assistance with the application of certificates required for foreign assignments (including applications for exemption or for tax class 1, A1-certificate, child benefit, etc.)
  • Applications for voluntary insurance or entitlement insurance during an assignment abroad
  • Contribution reimbursement and status-determination procedures


Other services:

  • Assistance with (de-)registration (e. g. in order to obtain a tax and/or social security number)
  • Fulfillment of the compulsory obligation and other tax obligations
  • Supervision and assistance during tax audits



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