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Accounting and tax returns for professionals

Business development, business tax, payroll accounting

Bookkeeping and tax returns for self-employed traders

As a self-employed trader, your time is precious: whether you own a shop, a tradesman or a service Provider. Customer acquisition, order planning, flexible working times and a fluctuating income demand your full attention as well as plenty of ambition.

So why not place your bookkeeping and the preparation of your tax returns in our experienced hands? This enables you to concentrate on your main business and consistently pursue your corporate goals.

We not only offer tax advice and carry out audits, we also help you to fulfil your obligations regarding recordkeeping and advise you in all business development matters.


We look forward to meeting you!

  • Preparation of corporation, business and value added tax returns
  • Preparation of income tax returns
  • Advice on capital gains tax, inheritance/gift tax
  • Advice on transfering property
  • Tax optimisation as well as risk management advice
  • Review of articles of association
  • Support during audits
  • Preparation of eAccounts and also disclosure of annual accounts

Informative accounting contributes considerably to the success of a business. Place your financial accounting and payroll administration in our competent hands.


  • Processing of bookkeeping and payroll records, including paperless accounting
  • Drafting and implementation of cost centre accountings
  • Preparation of annual accounts (including plausibility check, if required), profit calculation as well as income and expenditure accounts
  • Ensuring compliance with the business record keeping and retention requirements pertaining to ledgers, records and documents in electronic form as well as data access (German GAAP)

Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, running the payroll entails much administrative effort. We attend to the punctual and professional processing of your wages and salaries on your behalf, and answer your questions regarding any personnel-related matters. 


  • Advice for corporate start-ups
  • Investment and finance planning
  • Turnover, profitability and liquidity development
  • Preparation of business valuations
  • Development of succession concepts for succession planning

  • Preparation of business valuations
  • Investment and finance planning
  • Turnover, profitability and liquidity development

  • Restructuring and insolvency consulting
  • Preparation of restructuring assessments
  • Short-termed surveys of business and financial situation
  • Review of subsistence risk
  • Determination of possible alternatives
  • Integrated monthly profit, liquidity and balance planning
  • Consulting for involved parties (managing directors, shareholders, creditors)
  • Development of financial liquidation plans
  • Insolvency

  • Statutory annual account audits
  • Voluntary annual account audits
  • Annual consolidated financial statement audits
  • Special audits and reports
  • Review of the internal control system
  • IT audits
  • Audits regarding compliance with the German estate agent and property developer regulations

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