Problems with the value added tax?
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Value added tax consulting

Problems with the value added tax?

  • When is one an entrepreneur in the sense of value added tax?

  • When do you have to submit advance VAT returns and annual VAT returns?

  • What do I have to take into account when issuing invoices?

  • What do I have to consider when purchasing services from abroad?

  • What is meant by "reverse charge procedure"?

  • What is a special VAT audit?


Value added tax law situations - whether national or international - are becoming increasingly complex. We have specialised in this area, as an incorrect assessment of a VAT issue can have a negative impact not only once, but continuously. *Statistics already show how important value added tax is. For example, the tax revenue from value added tax for 2019 amounted to € 26,21 billion. *Source/Forward link


Avoid VAT risks - both in national and cross-border situations! Our tax consultants, auditors and lawyers are specialized in VAT consulting as well as in consulting on international tax law.


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