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Value added tax consulting

Problems with the value added tax?

  • When is one an entrepreneur in the sense of value added tax?
  • When do you have to submit advance VAT returns and annual VAT returns?
  • What do I have to take into account when issuing invoices?
  • What do I have to consider when purchasing services from abroad?
  • What is meant by "reverse charge procedure"?
  • What is a special VAT audit?


Value added tax law situations - whether national or international - are becoming increasingly complex. An incorrect assessment of a VAT issue can have a negative impact not only once, but continuously. Avoid VAT risks - both in national and cross-border situations! Our tax consultants, auditors and lawyers are specialized in VAT consulting as well as in consulting on international tax law.

Our services at a glance

Our focus areas


  • Preparation of turnover tax advance returns, annual turnover tax returns
  • Expert opinions on turnover tax issues
  • Value added tax due diligence
  • Advice on turnover tax in the context of sales / purchases 
  • Calculation of tax keys
  • Sales tax reviews 

1. When does a foreign entrepreneur have to register for VAT in Germany?

One of the most important questions in our day-to-day business is whether foreign entrepreneurs have to register for VAT in Germany. 

In case you should answer yes to any of the following questions, we should talk:

  • Are you selling goods via Amazon or Co. in Germany?
  • Are you selling goods to individuals in Germany and does the amount of sales exceed 100,000 €
  • Have you stored goods in Germany and are you selling this goods?
  • Are you organizing a conference in Germany?
  • Are you in the constructions industry and do you engage a foreign entrepreneur as sub-contractor for a German construction site?
  • Are you paying German import VAT tax?
  • Are you renting out German real estate properties with VAT?


2. Under which conditions can a tax payer receive the German import VAT back from the German tax authorities?

  • The goods are used for the entrepreneur activities and the activities allow the deductions of the input VAT.
  • The entrepreneur has the power of dispose of the goods at the time of the import of the goods.
  • In order to prove that the import was subject to import VAT the entrepreneur should have the assessment notice of the customs authority in his files.



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