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Tax advice for freelancers

Start-up advice, value added tax, payroll accounting

Tax returns and bookkeeping for self-employed members of the regulated professions

Whether you are a doctor, an engineer, a legal professional, a designer, a translator or an architect – as a self-employed member of one of the regulated professions you are passionately dedicated to your job.

Although self-employed members of the regulated professions are not liable business tax, they still are required to comply with complex tax and bookkeeping requirements. Particularly the various rules regarding value added tax harbour tax-related pitfalls that our professional advice can save you from.

We will deal with all tax matters on your behalf so that you are free to dedicate all your energy to developing your business.

We look forward to meeting you!

Tax advice

  • Advance value added tax returns
  • Preparation of your annual tax returns (value added tax, income tax)
  • Advice in the areas of inheritance tax/gift tax as well as property transfers
  • Tax optimisation and risk management advice
  • Support during audits


Informative accountings contributes considerably to the success of a business. Place your financial accounts and payroll administration in our competent hands.


  • Processing of bookkeeping including paperless accounting
  • Profit and loss as well as income and expenditure account calculations
  • Drafting and implementation of cost centre accountings
  • Processing of all payment transactions
  • Ensuring compliance with the business record keeping and retention requirements pertaining to ledgers, records and documents in electronic form including data access (German GAAP)

Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, running the payroll entails much administrative effort. We attend to the punctual and professional processing of your wages and salaries on your behalf and answer your questions regarding any personnel matters.


  • Advice for corporate start-ups
  • Succession planning
  • Investment and finance planning
  • Turnover, profitability and liquidity development

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