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Real estate - Tax law secure advice

Real estate – Acquisition, sale, inheritance, donation, management...

Real estate is subject to many fiscal advantages in Germany as it promises a steady income in times of low interest rates and guarantees security. If real estate owner want to sell their properties or give them to family members, they have two options: sell or gift. 

Most people know that they have to pay real estate transfer tax when buying a house. However, some are surprised that taxes may also be payable on the sale or endowment of a property. In addition, special rules apply to inheritance, which all property owners should be aware of. A real estate owner does not only have to pay taxes, but can also save taxes by owning real estate.


  • Did you invest your assets in real estate?
  • Do you intend to buy real estate?
  • Do you plan to transfer and secure your real estate?
  • Do you want to protect your real estate against undesirable risks in the future? 
  • Is it really possible to save taxes by owning real estate? 
  • Which costs are deductible?
  • And what do you have to consider in general?


Real estate assets are important for coverage and future planning. It is a stable investment, proven retirement provision and a solid protection against inflation. But real estate also has tax consequences.


These important issues should be taken into account

  1. Which criteria should be considered when acquiring or transferring real estate?
  2. Which costs and snares of an existing property should not be ignored?
  3. Which role do property tax, trade tax and VAT play in real estate?


We advise on the following key aspects

  • Avoidance of errors in real estate transfer tax, succession planning, speculative transactions and commercial property trading,
  • Acquisition and sale of real estate and the related purchase price allocation
  • Profit analysis and the quantification of tax risks and the valuation,
  • Preparation of tax returns  and ongoing advice on individual tax issues (e. g. depreciation, expenditures necessary for the proper maintenance).


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Consulting services 

  • Tax and legal advice on the acquisition and transfer of real estate*
  • Quantification of tax risks in real estate transfers
  • Tax valuation as well as purchase price determination and purchase price allocation
  • Advice and support for succession planning and real estate transfer tax
  • Advice on individual tax issues (e. g. depreciation, expenditures necessary for the proper maintenance, speculative transactions, commercial real estate trading)
  • VAT advice, in particular with regard to the sale of the business or input tax corrections


Ongoing support 

  • Determination of the income from lease and rent
  • Preparation of tax returns
  • Review of tax assessment notices and correspondence with the tax authorities
  • Assistance during tax audits

*Legal advice provided by qualified lawyers


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